Each investment always carries a percentage of risk, the same way every investment has a cost determined. Both features can, however, be subject to a large number of variables , which studies realized with financial experts try to control to ensure that risks and costs can be cut down. But, of course, not all variables can be easily dominated, even because the trend of the market is constantly at the mercy of events of complex resolution (such as international politics or the fate of large industrial groups) or more simply completely random (the fashions of the moment, for example.).

But there are still several theories to minimize the costs and risks of an investment : as nothing can be absolutely sure in the financial market , for sure we can cling to some strong points: we see then what it is. I bonds, first. This type of bond makes it at least the value of the capital invested, in Italy there are many, from the BOT and CCT to BTP and CTZ. The main disadvantage is that the performance of these securities is never high, but we are not indifferent to the safety of almost zero the risk of going in loss.


The almost refers, of course, the failure of the Italian State: an eventuality which here do not want to even think about. Secondly, in order to drastically reduce the costs of any investment we now have available a practical, effective and simple use as internet. performing our financial transactions online , in fact, we see a significant reduction in costs overall: this is an incentive that banks offer interest at all, as it also saves them a considerable amount of concrete work.

Finally, two other instruments applicable to reduce costs and risks of an investment is the diversification and PAC. Diversifying investments means relying on a series of titles completely independent of each other, a feature that in statistical reduces the chance of loss. The CAP are plans Accumulation of Capital, that is, funds investing in installments and long-term, the long dimension of time and nonavailability are the factors to which the investor gets more benefit.