The performance of the human resources department should be evaluated by management tools that allow a correct measurement of area activities.

The increasing involvement of HR in the strategic direction of business, involves the use of some elements of management used by organizations to assess and determine the degree of compliance with business goals. One of the utensils that provides answers to some of the essential basic questions that we should not miss is the dashboard.


What is a dashboard?

The dashboard is the end product of an integrated information system oriented management control, which reports to senior management through ratios, rates and assessments, the performance of the same, the degree of compliance with strategic objectives, tactical and operational . Today can not imagine a human resources department, whatever its nature and size, without a modicum of control over the operations and activities of the area.

Today, organizations need to manage their resources efficiently through the establishment of specific benchmarks for assessing and measuring the most important aspects of the operation of an organization.Companies develop metrics to evaluate the production, sales, profits, market share, return on investment, or the success of business plans. This causes the departments or business units are aligned to the overall strategy and business goals, controlling costs and implementing procedures to improve efficiency and profitability. Similarly, it is essential to have the tools to make a board for Human Resources. The implementation of a platform of this nature, Human Resources emphasizes the overall strategy of the organization and focuses on the different activities of the HR department, showing the relationship between the perspectives and to the overall goal of the organization through indicators and inductors.

What we get with the implementation of a dashboard?

The purpose of a dashboard of Human Resources is getting individuals to become the most important asset that has allowed the organization and demonstrate that they contribute to economic and financial success of the organization. This contribution will be to be accompanied by establishing and defining responsible actions that will enable them, are transformed into added value for the organization.

Therefore, inducers of human resources selected should allow for guidelines to be converted then into indicators, measurable, comparable and realistic to make a scorecard to evaluate the department in accurately and immediately measure the efficiency of field area Human Resources. The aim of the measurement and evaluation process is to use the information provided in the area of ​​Human Resources, in order to align the objectives of the department to the strategic objectives in a comprehensive dashboard.

Some key indicators used in the Human Resources Board are related to the costs of recruitment, training, integration, adaptability to change. The identification and selection of them to integrate the scorecard will be established according to the organizational strategic direction. It is also important to note that the selection of key indicators, shall be performed in conjunction with the areas involved in establishing the overall strategic objectives. A good selection of key indicators, it will provide a quick comparison in their evolution over time, and the analysis of deviations, if any, and thereby to establish concrete actions to minimize large deviations produced in compliance with the proposed objectives.

At present, the draftimplementation board human resources are scarce, however, it is important to note that under this approach to business, we will measure, evaluate and control the activities that the department develops, turning the area into a strategic business partner. Therefore, it is essential to begin to analyze the possibility of its implementation. Undoubtedly, measurement tools are based on objective criteria for assessing best practice activities that develop the areas of Human Resources, we should bear in mind and use it consistently allow us to be at the forefront of human resource practices.

The Board of Human Resources Command, composed of key indicators, is born from the results. These results will be the starting point to assess accurately the actions of the Human Resources Department in its quantitative and qualitative, which allow us to place ourselves where we are in what we want. Addition will allow us to correct and analyze deviations, learn from mistakes and seek, on an ongoing basis to make HR a true strategic partner. The human resources professionals is advisable to incorporate this tool to evaluate our performance, why not start now?