A company usually has a variety of significant time commitments to manage and honor. These deadlines can be caused by problems related to the payment of internal staff rather than outside consultants, the need to pay the suppliers as well as settlement of debts from customers. Other deadlines may be the time-limit for submitting the documentation, possibly including tax. So to manage the schedule business must surely adopt a method effective, which normally uses of computer technology order to produce the best results. In the guide we see just how to manage the business schedule.

First you will agree that you will take advantage of the valuable contribution of a personal computer. And within the software solutions the possibility of using a spreadsheet is certainly preferred. In this guide, we refer to a free software which-among other features-also offers the ability to create efficient spreadsheets ( spreadsheet ). His name is Open Office and the form of reference for this kind of activity is called Calc.


First, the creation of a new spreadsheet you should create three sub-sheets or sub-folders with the following names: WAGES, CUSTOMERS and SUPPLIERS. To do this, positioned at the bottom left of your active sheet and measure the renaming of Sheet1 in SALARIES through the command-activated with the right mouse button- Rename sheet and the creation of two additional sheets, using the command Insert Sheet / After the sheet current, with enhancement of the field name with the word first and then with the customers suppliers.

Within each of the three spreadsheets can provide the same information structure with columns, that are reasonably contain at least three fields: Then measures the value of all the rows necessary for the management of time in your company, in the individual sub-sheets of competence. At this point, to complete management of your schedule you just who devote all ‘sort of information within each sheet.

To order you must first select all the lines that compose it, including the row header. And then you must run the following command: Data / Sort and in the window that is activated as a result you have to enhance the field -Order for the letter corresponding reference column. At this point you will have all your deadlines ordered in time and can predict their management optimal.