The management of small and medium accounting, which allows you to keep track of income and expenditure and plan the domestic economy, it is a problem felt by many families in the current context . Today it is possible to manage small and medium accounting through an open source program (completely free) is available for systems operating Windows, Mac and Linux .

The program that lets you manage the household accounts is called Money Manager EX . With this software you can keep track of the movements of money ( income and expenditure ) and get detailed reports about the categories that bring more money or are due to costs. The program can be downloaded easily via a google search. The installation is extremely simple, also, the first time will be required to set the default language. Through a wizard you can proceed with the creation of the first account.


Once you have created your account, you can access via the menu on the left, in all the relations of Money Manager EX relating to possible actions, as well as the status of the account itself. At the bottom of the screen displays the New button (New) which allows you to add new operations. Clicking this button you can fill out the form dedicated to the new operation, indicating, among other things, the type of transaction (deposit or withdrawal), the beneficiary and in which category the operation. It can also create additional categories, both the revenue that for the outputs, in addition to those already present.

Money Manager EX allows you to manage assets and securities, by simply clicking on the corresponding item in the left menu. The procedure to insert new items is very similar to that used in the operations described above. As for the titles, the program provides a detailed guide that allows you to use the most of this section.