If you feel oppressed by the large number of things that you do, do not panic. The important thing is to give the right priory and engage in tasks that really matter . Be able to relax knowing that everything else can be dealt with later. Here are some tips on how to manage multiple work projects .

In a quiet moment, get a paper and a pen. Without analyzing or groped to change your thoughts, write down every single thing you do or project that comes to mind. It could be something that needs to be done immediately or you would like to accomplish in the future. Organize all your data characterizing the work that you seem more challenging or relevant, by dividing the individual entries in thematic groups narrowly. For operations that do not require much time but are still essential for its proper conduct , create a file on the PC. A second folder will collect similar types of activities that are part of the overall project .


The amount of grinding work can be divided into individual steps. In a third folder collect the tasks that you have already performed and that require only to be overhauled i checked periodically, sorting them by priority .
Schedule time-sensitive tasks in your calendar, set a reminder for the day or the week before the various deadlines.
Though it seems counter intuitive, do multiple tasks at the same time does nothing but wasting an excessive dose of energy. Avoid, for example, check e-mail or return phone calls while you’re doing something else. Discuss expectations with your clients and colleagues to form a team work that is useful to reduce the total load on your shoulders and strengthen each sector.

Assign to each of them an area of intervention and a context You can choose to give priority to certain sectors and to work on those every time you have a little ‘time, or organize them into a plan implementation. Revisit your Project lists regularly and repeat all the steps required once a week, evaluate their degree of advancement.
use this method for a couple of weeks to help you see areas where you could improve to better plan your day as a whole Once the process will become automatic, it may not be necessary to create calendar entries or predefined time slots.