The companies and related production activities of each company, making use of tools that will strive to reach optimal levels of production. The production factors of each company are subject, over time, to changes of various levels, they will give rise to sequences of precise able to study the production process. Let’s see how to manage production processes and business functions.

The production phases enclose itself, a series of elementary operation that, assembled in homogeneous activities more complex, give rise to the production. The internal operations of companies are coordinated in such a way as to result in a chain of production, it provides the source (upstream), procurement of materials, while downstream, at the end of the production chain, the distribution of care product, whether it be of real materials that service or whatever. The elements of the production process will be in charge of managing and buy the materials useful for the production, including the acquisition of the labor necessary, manage the waste in the production process and organize the final stages of sales and distribution.


Verified the kind of useful materials procurement, will study the quantity and quality of the same, choose the mode and place of purchase, as well as the supplier. Establish a supply price and mode of payment, a contract (if necessary), proceed to the order of the materials and the related activity of control regarding the completion of the execution of the work of those who have received the order in object. Given the complexity of the operations to be performed, you will choose between providers, the one that offers more guarantees and that will be, for organizational and economic, more suitable to the production process in place.

The operations follow the order: Verification receipt of materials or services, monitoring of correspondence with the order, audit necessary features required. The production process is divided into several functions: primary, support, and infrastructure projects. In addition, the primary functions are classified in turn into two distinct categories: production. And logistics .

The functions of primary production, coordinate among themselves the various stages of production, making the production process, in all its technical and economic activities , while the primary functions of logistics, dealing with all procurement activities , receipt, storage allocation or , product processing and sale of the same. Among the primary functions are also counted all advertising and marketing activities necessary for the optimization of the sale and the real success of the product placed on the market. The initial stages of a production process are of great importance because they constitute the solid foundation of a production and contribute to the achievement of a product attractive and effective from a commercial (whether in goods and services). Equally important are the final stages of the production process, sponsorship and advertising campaigns.