If you intend to open a transport company, you first need to know what type of activity you intend to carry and use of vehicles or if you need to transport goods or people. To open and operate at its best with all the requirements in order, we must also comply with specific regulations . Let us see in detail how to run a transport company .

In the case of road transport is under contract (goods), with vehicles rated at less than 1.5 tons full load, it is necessary to submit an application for enrollment as a priority drivers who require a certificate in which you are able to demonstrate they had no criminal convictions in the last three years If the transport takes place with third parties with a tare weight means more than 1.5 tonnes at full load, you have to add to the certificate of good conduct even a certificate that shows the professionalism in the transport sector The latter may, however, acquire through special examinations in the province in which you reside.


To take the exam you have to attend a course lasting three months and at the end you have to take a written examination based on the tests that if passed, give access to the oral primarily based on the rules of the road after about a month is released a certificate with which you can form the transport company if it is established for the transport of persons such as a taxi or a bus to school service, the request must be made ​​on plain paper to their home community in question must attach a number of documents that are: possession of a license suitable (type B and C for the vehicles to buses), registration with the Chamber of Commerce trade register; prove to be the owners (or leased) of the medium transport and taxis even in the case of a certificate of road worthiness issued by the municipality of belonging Always about the transport of persons, regardless of whether it is a taxi or a school bus, you must be holders of a license acquired by at least two years.

The management of a transport company then in the case of activities should be adjusted individually with the tax system of their own business or inps , tax statement, income and insurance on the vehicle. If you have employees, you must fulfill all the necessary tasks ranging from personnel management, the requirement for periodic maintenance of vehicles and obviously in good standing with the IRS by paying charges and duties that from time to time and depending on the case, successive during the operation and management of an activity of transport including nail, the INPS, the monthly VAT declaration and the annual tax return.