The supermarket is the largest commercial structure of a town. With a considerable increase in population density, small entrepreneurs supermarket chains, if they want to continue to work, they must adapt to the new needs of the territory and open a supermarket is the most natural and directed evolution of trade in order to stay in that area and manage a more important and rewarding.

When the different segments food staples come together is the most basic example of supermarket, not to be confused with hypermarket, always placed at the edge of towns. The delicatessen and grocery joining and expanding their product offer, we are the most basic. In the case of a large supermarket we find ourselves also have to deal departments butcher, hygiene, household goods, fish and anything else without having the resources of a large shopping center. If the supermarket is too large will have a whole series of problems, among them, the most important is the storage of goods. If it is too small, we will lose many potential customers. A good starting point is to exploit existing resources without first going to look great hypothetical strategies that trade in our subconscious, should make up for the lack of the right priorities. To do this, the first thing to do is to see what offers the competition, which can be considered exactly the already finished product of many studies and surveys repetitive market.

The existence of the supermarket rather than another, is determined by the large retail chains . Sometimes supermarkets are born too close with the same distributor that seeks to diversify the range, is a bit like playing on the same team, the same team but everyone wants to win. While when it comes to supermarkets too close, but with different filling stations, the competition is apparently minor, but certainly more loyal. In both cases, it is important to start subscribe commercial agreements most profitable for the supermarket and not for those who supplies, since not always the two things have a mutual convenience. It often happens that the manager should accept all the items in the distributor, without being able to choose the most convenient local producer. In this case it is not difficult for the operator to find alternatives, with the help of some vendor or acquiring the shop next door, especially if the manager is also the owner of the business or property in question. If the manager is just the conductor, in practice, the work does not change and the so-called patriotic spirit with which you set all the work is always welcome at the top of society , but on a personal level, we can not help but consider other opportunities with due discretion, but not even secretly, as our higher have already budgeted from the outset that the skill can spill over into too much ambition .

The staff of the supermarket should be well knit and knowledgeable almost as if there was a need for a manager. At the same time it is important to establish hierarchies if they are not already established by the individual contract. If all goes well you can only occur in peak periods, during the promotions or the eve of the weekly closing. The queue at the cash should be smooth, even with long waiting times, this condition condition essentially depends on two others: first of all if we did well to previous work hours of opening, as a place well all the items on the shelves and record them so that they pass quickly from the cash register, often without having to type a code manual. The second condition is not less important, is the work done in critical conditions, for instance at unexpected concomitant and in the presence of clients where it is essential a fast resolution.