Knowing how to successfully operate a reception for your business can be a critical aspect of the overall marketing plan. It offers customers an immediate picture of how it is structured the business and how the staff can meet their demands. Here I give you the useful tips on how to handle a reception for a small businesses, improving the image of the company in the eyes of potential customers.

Assess your image business: for example, if you manage a contractor, you can create a reception that gives a picture of long-term reliability, if you’re at the head of small business in the legislative field, but he shall convey professionalism and a sense of confidence . Then take into account the type of decor. The materials, colors and shape of the furniture should not be too heavy and strong, but also to promote relaxation and well-being of clients . You should also take into account the ability of space you have available within the reception. It ‘important that the reception is inserted in a natural way in the red zone without being too crowded. The customer will respond much more favorably to a quiet and private environment.


Leave enough space to accommodate the various facilities (telephone, computer, storage folders etc.). The receptionist will have to conduct its work smoothly. The desk should have room for all that it deems necessary to meet the needs of customers without having to constantly move away from its location. To make it more comfortable waiting for the customers, place a sofa and some armchairs, a table that join always supplied with magazines and brochures of your business, so profitably even in advertising.

Never select the unity of the reception exclusively favoring your taste staff This area should represent the specific nature of the business you propose. When assessing an architectural project, think about the impression that you yourself may have as consumer, to have a clear picture of the situation Finally, given that the station will be occupied for several hours by an employee, ask for his opinion, to make any changes and ensure that being good in his work area, can perform its tasks at best.