Payment by bank transfer is a transfer mode used, and demand a lot of money with the convenience and security that is able to provide. Dissemination of the online bank accounts and devices such as mobile smartphone or tablet has made ​​it even easier make bank transfers , which can be sent from the site of the current account online or by special application created by the banks themselves.

In order to make a bank transfer online you first need to hold a current account with the relevant authorization to carry out transactions online. If the current account is not authorized to carry out transactions online, you must contact your bank to enable this feature. Holders of current account with the ability to work online, usually the bank provides a key (called “tokens”) that generates numbers random to use as a password, or a card containing some codes to be used with the same function and allows you to protect your account from fraud online or from unauthorized access.


Awarded the authorization to operate online, to make a bank is required to connect to the bank’s website (or open the dedicated application) and connect using your customer number and passwords. Once you are logged in, you must select the function “wire transfers” in the site menu. To execute the transfer is necessary to know the code IBAN of the recipient , and of course the name or the header of the same. You can also fill in other fields such as the recipient’s address or the purpose of the bank, but these data are not mandatory and necessary to carry out the operation.

If you are not in possession IBAN of the recipient is not possible to make the transfer; then make sure it is good to own it, and if not, ask the person concerned. Iban But what is the code? Iban code is a code alphanumeric (composed of letters and digits) which includes: the country code (IT for Italy), Cin codes, Cab, ABI and the identification number of the current account. A clarification: the sending of money does not is immediate (usually the order is executed on the business day following acceptance) and banks usually provide a time frame for any changes or cancellations of credit .