When it comes to goal statement we refer to the so-called system of non- taxability . In detail, it is a series of modules that exporters referred to as “regulars” must transmit to the agency revenue. With these forms shall ensure that these subjects is exporting to the European Union that out, recorded in the previous year operations ( exports or similar to them) in excess of ten percent of the total turnover . If you want to know how to issue this statement, please review carefully the content that follows.

To compile and then send the letter of intent is necessary to connect to the site of the Revenue. After reading both the information sheet that the various technical specifications , switch to what is the actual document. At the end of the proper compilation of the various fields is good to read the instructions carefully: they should evaluate carefully and precisely not only the data of the subject but also the legal type to which the same belongs. Some examples from those mentioned in the company newsletter: are cooperatives and foundations.


Once finished compiling, you switch to the stage of sending real. Always explained in detail on the website, this second procedure is divided into two distinct areas: electronic filing and software compilation . It ‘good to know that both points are connected and relate to the installation of the software to use. This can be downloaded from the website and allows you to fill out the form electronically. Furthermore, there are provided a series of specifications with respect to the updates to download to the operating system level.

The procedure ends with a section dedicated to the received These are available in a specific area of the site and include the information that the system has acquired is sent for each document in fact an acknowledgment of receipt confirmation as well as any communication error Call jargon “communication gap” with this notification the users are aware of any faults and inaccuracies produced in the process of compiling and sending Moreover, in case there were any hesitations both As regards the compilation and submission is good to know that the institution to which contact is always the same agency .