With the concept of letterhead, is intended to describe a particular spreadsheet model (or formal document), created to provide essential communications to a company, in a professional and appropriate. A letterhead, for example, will be required to present a company for a quote, one off, or other important facts here are not quotable. Below, I will show how you can make a letterhead with a few steps.

Keep in mind that the compilation of the letterhead , must be made ​​by standard professional methods (via a personal computer), avoiding to make a compilation inside with handwriting (remember, in fact, that the document is addressed to a company and as such, must be made ​​with a free grammar errors on a blank sheet of paper, clean, and with strictly black ink).


To create a professional model, therefore, it is necessary to use a program to create documents (preferably word, since it is specifically designed to create jobs and writes on the computer). Then open this writing program installed on your computer and click on “Insert” menu in the upper left, choose one of the models of existing header (footer). Then you can choose the one you like most. Now, insert the image or the identifying logo of your company (by first clicking on the “insert”, “header” and then on “empty”). At this point, you can immediately begin to write your business communication.

As you will see, the size of the image or logo (as well as the writing style and the type of paper to use for printing) may be chosen, or increased resized to suit your needs. Infuse to the sheet (right where there is the indication “footer”), will then be given surname, name of compiling and indicate the company of reference (including telephone contacts and address). To save these small details , simply click on any empty area of the document.

Once the writing of the paper, you will still need to save the data properly (by clicking on the menu at the top left “save or save as”). Do not forget to click “save”, otherwise the data will be irretrievably lost. Finally, remember that the sheet of letterhead, could also be obtained by going to a common typography (so if you do not have time available, I recommend you consider this option).