The competitions for prizes , consisting of initiatives with commercial purposes even partially (and in Italian territory), intend to encourage, through various awards, knowledge of products, brands, goods or services. They are placed in prize goods, services, or discounts on prices. But how does a contest? Read this guide and you will find directions on this topic.

It ‘necessary to pay for grabs one of the prizes to be delivered to the beneficiaries within six months from the time in which it was identified the winner (or winners). In this type of competition, the award of prizes takes place in according to fate; takes place via any device or a machine , and thanks to the skill of the competitors who must express an opinion or a prediction on various topics, or have to answer one or more questions.


Participation in the competition for prizes shall be free, except for the amount required for the ordinary expenses incurred in order to join the competition (for the delivery of documents or coupons or for any equity phone .) This type of competition can be realized only to companies manufacturing or commercial distributing goods or services in order to carry out promotions. Such companies may also be foreign, without permanent residence in Italy, but in this case, you have the benefit of a tax representative, who has resided in Italy appointed according to the rules laid down in art and effects. 17 of DPR 26/10/1972, and further changes.

Within fifteen days prior to the start of the competition, the company that organizes it, must fill out the form and attach the documents relating to the contest rules, all must be sent to the Ministry. The maximum duration of a competition prize is one year and begins to run from the date of inception (from the day it is made ​​known to the initiative). If there is a need of having to change the regulation, the communication should also be given on the same day in which they occur, always if there are no substantial changes to details and features of the regulation: in this case it should be sent at least fifteen days before they are implemented the effects of these changes.