A company is an organization of means and people that aims to meet human needs through the production, distribution or consumption of economic goods. Each factor in a company is vital to its survival starting entrepreneur who must know how to manage his own company, the basic commodities for the production of goods and a competent staff . Nowadays, a result of the crisis that has hit our country, we see more and more often fail many companies also the most famous. To avoid this we must make the company more productive. But how? What do you need? Let’s find out in the next steps .

To make a company more productive, surely the first thing to do is to clarify their ideas. An entrepreneur must not only be able to govern the company as I mentioned previously, but must also have a strong determination, innovative ideas and implement them. Everything in the end comes down to the quality of goods produced, then you should always invest in long-lasting products even at higher prices. A good entrepreneur must be able to analyze the market, focusing on the most common needs of customers, to study carefully to know how to overcome the competition and at the right time.


Another important factor to make a company more productive is the staff. Let ‘s see how to bet on a competent staff and adequate . First you need to make it clear that the entrepreneur is a leader, so it must behave in a manner consistent with its employees not afford to make it look like the relationship between employer and employees at par. We must enhance the work of the staff, but without reward “give away” anything. Maintain a team informed of business decisions, and everything related to the company because it makes them feel part of the project, thus increasing their will. The salary must be adequate and fair according to their duties. To assume different responsibilities, fostering a sense of belonging, a goal to which every employee seeks.

We have reached the third and final step. Without this we have set ourselves in the head a few topics. Do not ever work in multitasking. Choose a specific goal and work on it. Never fixate on targets too general. Eliminate all distractions, turn off your phone, close the office, eliminate everything that attracts us so that we can be distracted when our work. At this point you just need to follow and implement our advice and so begin to have a more solid company that can stand the test of time.