A business plan is an essential component of business planning to start and run a business of great and proven success. This valuable tool can help you to get a bank loan, promote the growth of your company and provide you with the management guidelines, monitoring the progressive trend. The business plan is quite complicated to write up, but the technology can provide valuable assistance. Here I will explain how to make a business plan in Excel . The model provides all of the essential categories of reference and the basic information that must be included in a professional business plan . Let’s see how to proceed step by step.

Download the package of Microsoft Office , which also contains the specific program for calculating Excel . Make sure that the version is up to date and install it on your computer. Open a new document in Word and start writing the answers to the fundamental questions that are vital to a successful business plan : what products or services provides your business and what users? what are the main sources of income? What attracts the customers in a particular way? which marketing strategies are in place to reach potential customers? what are the areas that need to be improved? how do you get the funds to start or expand your business? when you are satisfied with the preliminary work, save the document as usual.


Now open Excel. Click on “Projects and Proposals” in the left column of the main menu. Then select the “Business Plan” and “sample Business Plan.” Click on “Download” to install the template on your computer: this will open automatically. Charging in this section the previously saved document in Word. Make sure that the plan has the complete and correct information. When you have the need, you can update it with the new data that gradually change the current situation.

Fit the business plan to meet the needs of your company business plan sample by sample works, but most of the fields should be replaced with specific information about your situation management. Use the answers previously generated to compile the basic components of the model Before use, do not forget to save the document.