In this article I will explain how to learn affiliate marketing online. Simply place the ads on your website to earn every time a visitor clicks on them and make a subsequent purchase . While most of the affiliate marketing programs allow you to get a monthly minimum additional income , some, reserved for sellers of high level, can deliver a real salary. Let’s see how to proceed.

First of all, learn the basics of affiliate marketing by visiting websites of industry, such as Affiliate Marketing 101, where you will learn the terminology , the types of compensation, promotion techniques and methods to increase traffic on your website . Visit the directory offering reviews, as Seen Fast and Scout Affiliates . Take advantage of these platforms to learn about the different types of programs, including pay-per-action, pay per lead and pay-per-click. Browse the categories that match your market online and the content of the blog and read reviews to find the ones that offer the greatest potential for profit.


Examine websites with content similar to yours to figure out where to place affiliate links. Locate the banner located on the top, sides, or bottom of the pages and analyzes the placement of ads in relation to their content. Find posts that are labeled as “sponsored content” to know exactly the formal wording of the text entered. Put your mouse on the banner and then displays the URL in the left side of the status bar.

To acquire dynamism and experience, the only valid method is to proceed by trial and error Try different brands and choose the one that assures you more revenue.Submit your request for cooperation : you will need to sign up as an affiliate and in return you will receive placing ads on your site to track the constant maturity the ratio of click-through rates and commissions to assess the margin design and, in case the final balance was negative, try changing chosen affiliate programs, ads and ad placement finally Remember to include a counter for the visits, which records the geographical origin of the user and the daily influx On the net you can find a very reliable and freely downloadable.