Who works in the office knows how much time you can lose in search of a practice or a document that is not found, have a working environment tidy is certainly a useful prerequisite to be able to achieve the working end of the day avoiding going crazy in loose sheets and forms left in bulk. In this article we try to describe how to maintain as much as possible in order office.

Although it does not be ordered part of the personal style of each individual, not being able to live in chaos at work is an important aspect in many professional contexts, the order, in fact, often is associated with a greater guarantee of efficiency in addition to providing a more reliable clerk, especially in case receives customers or users in their own office. An important first step in this direction, then, is to try to keep in order the desk, which is your work plan : it is preferable to avoid keeping all the space occupied so as to facilitate the execution of current tasks, trying not to accumulate the work. A useful strategy then is to attend to the practices, daily if possible, or otherwise collect the files or documents in appropriate containers to store, if unused momentarily, and then be able to recover easily at any time.


Document archiving is an area of considerable importance in the work of an employee who may otherwise be buried by papers and sheets that proliferate day after day. It can therefore choose to sort the documents in chronological or alphabetical order in this way allowing to quickly retrieve the material.

To give a decent look to your office every day of course is useful to ensure thorough cleaning of the environment. Even the furniture is an important aspect to consider to get the right accommodation office functionally to the task: moving closer to your chair or sofa, for example, are ideal for those who work primarily in an individual and needs to draw frequently from archives and drawers, if, instead, we envisage many meetings between colleagues in the office, maybe it’s better to amend the provision so that you get the most available space.