In a time of crisis, it is easy to run a company without going negative. However, there are often alternative and innovative techniques to reduce costs or increase revenue.

Speaking to contain costs business talking necessarily of optimization , the branch of mathematics or mathematics economic should be the foundation of every business; optimized company is a company that makes more at a lower cost and then earn more against minor expenses. We must therefore first run the budget of expenses and focus your attention on all items. For example, some items of expenditure could be: energy, hardware and software for computer work, temporary work, security, business machines, packaging, cleaning, industrial supplies, logistics, maintenance, office supplies, insurance, security, transport of valuables, travel work and travel, transport and courier, waste disposal, printers, and all those items that should be in the financial statements of a company under the heading expenses.

Once you know all the sources of output and the cost of money, you have to act first on spending most relevant (whether an expenditure costs the company 10 euro and other costs $ 10,000 must act first on that by 10,000) and study them carefully. Then you have to learn on this topic and find alternatives or new roads, avoiding making excessive investment. For example you can install energy-efficient lighting to save energy, or laser printers to save on the cost of the printer, or look for offers and best rates to save money on hardware and software or telephony.


Una increasingly important voice in the Chapter expenditure is that of work: try not to hire more employees than those who are used to the job you want them to do (but do not assume, however, less!) and try to optimize as much as possible their work , giving the machines, tools, schedules and tasks best suited to each of them (where each of them makes it more) in order to optimize production times. Often need to search through the outside companies that offer useful services to their company those that offer them at lower prices (search for insurance between different insurance that makes lower budget), taking advantage, as they arise, the various offers

But from the practical point of view how can you do this? Generally, if you are not able to do it yourself, you have to turn to consultants outside you know this trade, and then in a short time able to renew the chapter budget expenditures. It can also be useful to rely on computer systems to calculate and create some programs ad hoc making it possible to tell if a choice is profitable or not and how long it is profitable or not.Applying a whole number of techniques, turning to consultants and software using appropriate calculation can therefore be able to significantly cut the cost of your company, it does not involve a reduction in sales.