In a time of crisis like the one we are experiencing it seems impossible to think that there are local businesses that are trying to take market share also all ‘abroad. We read more and more about companies that put employees in layoffs, reduce staff or even are forced to close its doors after trying to fight an economic crisis that has put many on their knees. However, there are companies that are undergoing the crisis less than other businesses seeking to target a ‘cross-border expansion to expand and solidify its presence in the market.

Like looking, therefore, on how the international market running less risk possible? It should first be that the variables depend mainly on the type of product offered and the particular historical period in the industry. First, it is essential to begin an initial market survey doing some simple research sector, including through the Internet. Once tracked down the foreign country that has a higher demand of our product deepen our understanding of this country, informing the laws , the labor policies and the various regulations which order the specific area in which we are dealing. At this point, we have to promote our company, starting with the powerful vehicle of the web. Internet is the best way to introduce a product, while keeping costs low and maximizing yield.


The next step will be to bring us the territory. Making use of trusted collaborators and at ease with the language of the country we’re going to visit, there we can bear, by appointment, from customers with whom we came in contact and who have shown interest in our product. The internationalization process will be long and difficult, it may take years, but if you are unable to enter a foreign market will not be ruled out even the possibility of post offices in the countries in which labor relations are more frequent, in order to reduce over time the cost of transport. At the core of this process is the knowledge of their product and that of the state in which you want to expand and to rely on competent and expert people will give one more chance to carry out our project.

Despite the economic crisis is causing the closure of businesses and the failure of many businesses, there are some companies that continue to thrive, and aim to extend their ‘s turnover also all’ abroad. And ‘thanks to those who still manages to produce a good turnover and extend that you can exit the ‘current situation, companies are facing difficulties can view them as a resource and not combination of multiple tasks and collaboration can become a value-added in an attempt to emerge from a difficult situation.