These days trade with the foreign has become not only much easier, but also even more convenient, in many cases, than remain confined to the domestic market. then is that, thanks to special laws such as those of the European Community, for example and the incentives offered by individual governments, more and more companies, not only in Italy, ‘discover’ a good catchment foreign markets and therefore agree to leave the country or even just to open branches in other countries. But what are the pros and cons of major expansion to the market internationally? And how internationalized company in the best way? Let’s find out together.

The first thing we need to consider what are the focal points of the matter: they are essentially reduced to three, namely: the company itself, the market of the country in which we are going to insert ourselves; any competition. Regarding the first factor, we know that to get good results When you join a new market need to have the personal ad hoc format, well-educated on the laws of the country where We trade and able to move with sufficient ease in these new spaces, both in terms of commercial institutional and bureaucratic.


Turning to the question of context, however, it will be absolutely essential to a prior in-depth knowledge of the environment in which we are going to visit. then that is among the tips that you can give us will be to make contact with institutions and local companies, but also with the reality of banking and no small detail with the cultural one, to make us more aware of what, in our commercial offer, it could work in practice and what does not.

Finally we arrived at the crux of the competition, needless to say, it is almost inevitable in any country and in any industry, we will turn. Precisely for this reason, therefore, a great suggestion on what to do is to open up the contacts and the cooperation more diverse, especially with companies that have already gained some experience in that country. To start the better, therefore, do not hide their intentions of internationalization, so it’s best to declare openly to start from immediately to explore the new land.