The concept of productivity can be simplistically defined as the ratio of what is produced and the resources needed to produce it. In the current market the best way to increase the productivity of a company is to make the most of the resources you possess, especially the resource of the time available. Every company, to realize the actual productivity of their employees, calculated every three months, the so-called “turnover per person”, which is the level of business performance, which is compared with that of other competitors . In this way, will inspect the actual company’s productivity, and not the number of hours of work, which does not always correspond to a good yield in economic terms.

The best way to increase business productivity is to plan in greater detail the objectives to be achieved by calculating the variable of time and resources that will be used to reach the goal. Another extremely important factor consists in the collaboration between managers and employees , so that the decisions can be shared, and can be evaluated the different points of view that often escape to a single person. A must then be drastically cut waste, that certainly does not mean reducing the protection of workers but, on the contrary, try to involve them and make them feel part of the company, so that they can feel motivated and involved in achieving the objectives.


Will be essential to equip themselves with the latest technological tools, such as video applications, voice and wireless, that will give a new and immediate boost to productivity. The use of such tools will naturally be subject to appropriate training, well-planned in the time and manner, so as to minimize the idle time, which may explain to employees how to use and the advantages derived from ‘ use of such devices.

Will also be important to ask yourself small daily goals, they can keep our vision in practical terms, able to evaluate the priorities every day, do not feel compelled to answer all the email, but to identify those truly urgent and important, finish a job before starting a other things, to minimize the meetings to evaluate a real state of progress of the work will contribute to the optimal performance of your company and to a lesser stress for managers and employees.