The productivity is nothing but the system adopted by a company to produce more, using fewer resources. Mean fewer resources is to say less time, less money , less work. To achieve high productivity, above all, need to know the results we want to achieve, you must know the ways and tools to use and how much time we devote to their implementation, in order to be able to work on these elements and optimize them. Increasing productivity is the dream of every entrepreneur. There are no magic formulas or rigid patterns to follow, as each company is a world apart. However, we can determine the techniques that can be applied across the different functional areas. Let’s see, below, what are the techniques that allow us to increase productivity :

To increase productivity, first of all, we need to optimize human resources. A reorganization of human resources allows us to push people to do activities for which are more likely. Knowing the potential of each of the members of the company, it is much easier to entrust the right responsibility. This change, the staff make you feel more motivated and thus increase productivity.


Another technique to increase productivity, the management of interpersonal relationships between employees. Litigation and negative attitudes constant, significantly harm the company’s productivity. We try to create a serene and organized after-work activities, such as dinners or business lunches, solidarity events or volunteering. This will help collaboration and tolerance among colleagues.

We increase productivity, improve the motivation of the employees. We encourage members to do more to improve their position within the company. We provide financial incentives and offer rewards to employees who have obtained the best results. Awards like trips, dinners, certificates, make sure everyone happy and spur even less motivated to give our best.

We improve the well-being of employees. We pause appropriate. The break is a time needed to recharge their forces and make sure that fatigue does not lead to mistakes. Allow greater flexibility , since the times. Establish a limit of tolerance organization of input and output, for any contingency. We give the part-time or work from home, after a period of illness.

Finally, let’s of appearance organization . As you arrive at the office every day, take stock of the situation. We draw up a list of things to do, in order of priority . Delete, from time to time, the activities that we carry out. As we face a task, let’s not get distracted by other things. We refer all unforeseen emergencies, until we have completed the task of the moment. Reduce meetings and communications via e-mail, to the absolute minimum.