Are you a company, but his organization does not satisfy you? Want to improve its organizational structure ? This guide will show you how.

You should know that to improve the organization of the company must take into account, first, of the constraints that the company is facing, such as professional skills of employees, the level of investment that you are willing to support and especially the number of employees bearable. These constraints prevent us wrapped to make optimal choices in theory, but not applicable in practice. You also have to know that to improve the organizational efficiency of a company have been developed different organizational structures, each intended to regulate certain types of companies.

If your company has a good operational stability and does not invest heavily in research and development, the structure that allows you to achieve greater efficiency is functional. With this type of organization your company will be characterized by a breakdown of the areas of responsibility for Groups of Tasks. This organization is characterized by the first level organic functions, those which ensures the operation of the system. This organization enhances the level of specialization of the individual business areas. In addition to this organizational structure, to improve the organization of the staff is often a turn -by-project structure in which there is a Project Manager assisted by a team of specialists in order to implement the project entrusted to them.


However, if your company focuses more the n research and development can use a structure multidivisional , where the ‘organization is divided into divisions of responsibilities for groups or families of different products, each representing a sort of “company ” in its own right with centers of cost and profit well defined. In the end you have to know that the success of a reorganization of a company depends very much on the staff. It is for this reason that the conduct of personal and is the real challenge for the entrepreneur. In fact create within the company a serene and relaxing increases the propensity to work of employees who feel a vital part of the company and contribute to achieving organizational efficiency and effectiveness with all their efforts.