In our office we spend a lot of hours of no relevance, often higher than we spend in the privacy of our homes, with our family next. E ‘therefore necessary that so much time spent out of the house he lived in an environment at least not hostile, at least minimally enjoyable. In addition to the physical spaces that characterize our office, the crucial component is represented by persons who, together with us, we will live and work in it. Together with our colleagues we are contributing to the creation of a climate, which we call emotional, which is the subtle quality of our lives in the office. And in this book we see exactly how to improve the climate emotional office.

The first thing we can do in our small if we are mere employees on a larger scale if we are instead responsible for a group of people, you try to keep life staff sufficiently separated from that work. So if you have, in the early morning, just had a fight with your partner or children do not have to relieve the stress of those moments on colleagues and on their day. You should try to get away mentally from those moments problem and dealing with positivity your new working day, actually greeted with a smile when you arrive in the office all colleagues, possibly the closest to your desk by calling them by name, to make contact direct and not generic.


Then you have to try to represent the other an active and useful, not only in the workplace (behavior discounted corporate level speaking) but also from the point of view of, say, human. If you see a colleague who’s on the jacket in the office in the summer, and it happens, you can safely offer to raise the temperature of the air conditioning before her to have to ask, for example. Or when the printer runs out of paper, if you are a man go just to get other reams of paper, bearing a burden that should be avoided to the female counterpart.

Another thing that makes the climate better emotional an office is offering free, with no ulterior motives. So when you come back from a holiday would certainly a pleasant thing, and a nice figure, if you bring your colleagues some sweet coming from places where you’ve gone. A sweet break, a few words exchanged and a couple of jokes friendly stretch all. And if you are a manager tries to avoid behavior that might frustrate your employees, such as the blame in public, for example, there is always a time and you can, given your role, definitely find the place to point out to your partner the his alleged misconduct without doing it in front of all my colleagues, a painful condition.