An economy that is dominated by computers, telephones and fax machines means that the international trade is intolerant towards companies that do not invest on communications. Businesses also high level of missing important and timely answers will never be able to keep pace with the evolution and trends of the market. Here I suggest how to improve business communication .

Train your employees to make better use of the infrastructure they have available. Stresses the importance of open channels of communication with clients and contacts outside of the company. The training may take the form of informal lessons during the workday , or larger events, such as seminars that employ professional advisers. Teach staff to be looking for “soloing,” a process in which people within a department trying to disengage from other departments, and begin to act without knowledge of what their colleagues are doing. The development of a corporate culture that is sensitive to changes of this type is the first step for their elimination. Employees who agree to deal with what is happening around them, they will be in a better position to exploit the opportunities of good communication.

Introduce a mentoring program for new hires. They will spend their first few weeks of working together to an employee more experienced . This will transmit the culture of open communication that has been created within the team and will train new employees to the current mission . Keep all of the art infrastructure. Provide employees with the best technology they need for the superior performance . Obviously, this will depend upon the amount of available budget. This does not mean that you definitely prove to be a long-term investment.

Develop a local network where employees can easily contact each other during the workday Interacting with voice, text and e-mail is a great starting point. Concentrates more on methodologies and compatible software and not hardware-expensive and too complicated to use Ask the specific advice of a qualified and experienced IT specialist, especially if your business is large technologically advanced computer communication systems can be problematic, which must be resolved promptly to manage functional and efficient.