If you want to open a business must take into account that there are to deal with different fixed costs such as water, light, rent and charges tax. For this reason, we take the decision to carry out the business of street vendor, but still requires some permissions that still require cost and time.

The business of street vendor in exhibitions both in the markets that is regulated by Decree 114 of 1998 (the Bernini reform) which states that to perform this type of work requires a license that can be type A or B. That type A in respect of the acquisition of the right to have a permanent place in a market for 10 years and to get it you have to ask a question with a stamp duty of 14,62 And the Mayor of membership which will give the place a market (if available) otherwise you have to wait for the date of the notice of competition. With this license you may make markets in the region and fairs also in the national territory.


The license type B is traveling in the markets and fairs and is obtained by sending a registered letter with a stamp duty of E 14.62 to the Mayor who will issue the permit within 30 days.Se the person decides to sell NON-FOOD such license is sufficient, however, if you want to sell FOOD you must be in possession of one of the following documents: Chamber of Commerce enrollment date and number, of having attended a course for the food industry with the number of hours and the name of the institution; degree a catering school.

The business of street vendor can be exercised by sole proprietorships and partnerships (SNC and SAS) while capital companies may not engage in activities on areas public. also, can not carry business people with failed or pending charges if not passed at least 5 years. finally obtained a license you must have the VAT , registration with the Chamber of Commerce and INPS. .

For the issue of VAT you have to go to the Office of the Revenue and fill in the form AA9 / 7 to deliver the photocopy of the identity card and within 7 days you get. Instead, for the registration with the chamber of commerce must go to the Office of the R register fill out the form and pay the annual fee of 90,00 E and within 30 days you have to go get. Poi INPS with the two documents (previously made ) and within 7 days is also the inscription INPS.

Or you can simplify the practice through TALKING which is a new electronic procedure that allows you to fill out a single online application form that the request will be forwarded simultaneously to all three offices ( Revenue Agency , Office of the Registry and INPS ). Such procedure, however, must be carried out or the cad or by an accountant. Having completed all the documentation you can finally carry on the business of street vendor.