Who knows a company: the fees payable are just as many. You are to have to deal very frequently with deadlines and rate the values ​​are not indifferent. But there are also some tax relief to which they may be used to damp out. Let us see how to get what belongs to us.

One of the novelties the most important in terms of taxation is that the model Act 2012 introduced by Decree Save Italy to the Budget of the Government Monti. If you have a company you can present this model, which allows you to take advantage of some relief, if it proves virtuous and honest. How? Since January 1st of this new year, you can anticipate any control by the authorities putting yourself available reports and accounts able to demonstrate the transparency of your work. Can take advantage of this opportunity individual companies, partnerships and self-employed. If you fall into one of these categories and you want to choose this option when completing your tax return you just need to enter the selection with the presentation of Act 2012 to make it active from January 1, 2013.


What you have right? A mechanism of simplifying for example, the issue of proof of purchase or receipt and the early repayment of VAT. You can also benefit from the elimination of a whole series of checks and control and the ability to present a simplified model 770. You can still benefit from a simplification of accounting with the introduction of what is called a cash basis, which will be the way to determine the income of the company, as well as the abolition of the presentation of the accounts and advances VAT. It ‘also true that all these facilities would fall when I had to commit offenses or if I delay sending electronic invoices and anything else you may be required by the Agency Revenue.

Another tax break this model in the 2012 Act is that of ACE, the Aid to Economic Growth. With this facility you can exclude from income the amounts of your company’s cash and profits used as a reserve. Starting from the end of the year to December 31 of the year you will have to establish the variation of the previous capital by comparing it to the last financial year, and then apply a rate of 3%. The Ace is then calculated starting from December 2011. After 2013 you will have to abide by the following tax provisions.