Many people, young and old, they decide to create their future through the purchase of a House (first or second home that is). Here begins a difficult obstacle to disentangle between tan rate, Apr, fees and practice more. Here is a guide that can help you to make a conscious and sustainable choice for a mortgage with no surprises.

The first step towards the loan request is in choosing to go to Bank to request the amount required for the purchase of the House. One tip is to choose the Bank that requires reasonable interest rate d, requiring, after all the bureaucratic process to conclude the contract with the fixed interest rate. While true that the fixed rate requires a greater cost, at least you won’t be subject to rate fluctuations that could overcome, not least, the fixed rate of around 5%.

Moreover, it is always convenient to not linger to a single bank, but doing more than one quote to order to evaluate well the contracts, interest rates of various banks, the sum of the loan, because it will be granted on average around 80% of the total value of the property, and the rate at which you will meet monthly.


The Bank has chosen to present the request for loan, via a form, in which you will specify more data, so that the request is being considered. The Bank, after evaluating all fields on the application form, will have to expose themselves on the feasibility of the loan; will be greatly affected by the applicant’s data, especially from the years of seniority of its business service and civil State, since if the mortgage is going to be a couple, means that the two incomes are added together and it will be easier to reach the approval. The Bank will calculate the loan installment one third of salary (monthly), then if will be a low income will be difficult for the Bank to grant loans to the mortgage.

In the form to be submitted, for the Bank loan, you will bring back some key parameters, including: your data, your certificate of marital status, the Act of separation, if you are divorced or separated, the compromise, the plan of the House that you would like to buy and the habitability certificate. These are the main parameters to be carried over into the request template. If the Bank accepts your request you will be immediately notified and will set the date in which you will go to conclude the Act of granting the loan, which will be made before a notary. Of course, before entering into the contract, the Bank will assess the property from a technician expert.