When an individual or a company more easily, especially if small, has need of greater liquidity of money in relation to its actual availability can ask the bank, asking for a special form of financing. Before applying for this type of facility to their bank must be informed of the operation and costs, to assess the actual convenience. To obtain a credit line, also known as foster care, but we must have the requirements.

Credit institutions make available to the account holder (basic requirement is, in fact, have a checking account) a sum of money that the customer can use all or in part, according to his needs. The main difference with a normal loan or financing consists in the possibility of using part of the figure established. It follows that the cost of a trust is variable because the interest is applied to the amounts really carried out.


For practical purposes, both for the lender and for those who benefit from, an exposure equivalent to an actual loan or financing. The bank , of course, before granting an award ensures the reliability of the applicant, and inquire about its financial situation. Based on the results, the institute decides the amount to be paid, that you should never exceed the rate of interest to be applied and the duration. In most of the cases are also required guarantees or the signing of a co-obliged reliable.

The costs of the credit depends on the interest rates that are applied to the commission you pay only for the fact that you have obtained a line of credit, then independent of the amount actually used, you may get to a 0.50% per quarter, keeping in mind that the interests charged accrue more interest every quarter. The rate extra-credit that is applied in case of trespass, that is, if the account holder uses a figure higher than that granted varies depending on the institution of credit The maximum commission discovered, which is precisely applied in case of encroachment of the exposure, increases with the passage of time and, in this case, interest continues to accrue more interest is why it is not recommended economically exceed the maximum amount granted Usually the commission overdraft is applied by one trespass higher than 500 Euro, extended for a period exceeding seven days.