The sponsorship is an essential practice for each type of activity or event as it can be a fashion show, an online magazine, a website selling, or even a country fair , any kind of activity or event has no doubt need a sponsorship, so you can cover if not all at least some of the costs that you are forced to advocate for such organizations. Once the sponsors were the prerogative of the company and sporting events, because other events could be counted on shares of members and subscribers and the sponsorship of common or some other public body. These days, however, sponsorship became mandatory in every area, because state subsidies are now non-existent or too little conspicuous, and associations tend to lose more and more affiliates. So if you’re holding a small publishing house, a newspaper or some other activity that needs funding to survive, do not miss the chance to read this guide on how to find sponsorship .


As we explained to contain the costs of an activity or event or even earn some money, thanks to a sponsor, it is now mandatory if you want to invest in the best way in a project. We must therefore know how to move well on this ground, precisely in order to avoid lack of monetary liquidity, which would be really detrimental to our business. The main thing for a project are in fact funding, once obtained these you have the ability to move more freely, paying employees, creating an advertising campaign, and by advertising the event, all things that could increase your starting capital but that to move them must have a substantial capital.

When choosing a sponsor should definitely make a distinction between small events which can be a football tournament in the parish and major events, such as a town festival with the participation of famous singers or groups, or even a parade in which participating designers of international fame . Depending on what we want to do so we have to choose the most suitable sponsors. If you are organizing a small event, just like a country fair, a small magazine or newspaper, or a amateur soccer tournament, just take a trip to the shops in the area, in exchange for advertising can deliver the cash. When you relate to the small business neighborhood or country, you must be very persuasive and show how the hundred Euros who will invest for sponsorship can turn into big gains during the year. Advertising is indeed the soul of commerce and for this reason a trader can not neglect it.

Finding sponsors for events or projects of great importance is undoubtedly more complicated, as they will need to find funding much more substantial, and to do that we must be able to interface with large enterprises The process is similar to what we have accomplished with small businesses of the country, but the persuasive force and oratory will be essential in this case. The negotiation will be much longer and you will have to speak at various levels with the managers and CEOs of companies in However you will have to explain the benefit of image and gain they may have sponsoring our project.