The real estate they own, based on the geographical location and area and the state of preservation , a market price and a precise value of the property , the value can range from a minimum price , up to a maximum per square meter in relation to several factors that will be esplicati in this guide. But let’s see how accurately assess real estate companies.

Contribute, in the evaluation of a property, be it for commercial or residential, a number of components: size, condition , easement attached (box, basements, terraces, gardens), outdoor areas, minority areas of the city more or less listed , year of manufacture (relatively) any improvements made ​​to the property, floor placement (ground, first floor, attic), generally the upper floors are most popular if equipped with a lift, while in contrast, they lose part of the assessment as a fifth floor without elevator is also difficult to sell since it maybe a great apartment. The autonomous houses, semi-detached houses and terraced houses tend to be priced to better, as well as households in the historic centers of large cities, in contrast to the historical centers of the countries where, often, the poor state of conservation of the property it devalues ​​the real estate companies price.


Private agencies selling and renting real estate, they use their quotes, referring however to statistics and quotations belonging to the agency of the territory. agency of the territory is a time execution and development of services accessible by both private users by common institutions and private companies. Such services can be found either by going home, which through the web to the website of ‘ agency of the territory.

To find the real estate listing you need to visit the website of the agency territory and select the word private, between the various services offered is the one relating to the real estate prices OMI (observatory real estate market ), the latter are regularly updated every six months, taking into account the ‘trend of the market in relation to supply and demand This service is exceptionally outstanding in areas that have suffered earthquakes of a certain level, so that, unable to assess the’ fitness for use of the property, the quotations are taken only after the period of time required and variable to allow a re-evaluation based on the structural conditions of the same. A subjective evaluation of a property can also be done based on the prices of the area of real estate for sale , easy to deduce from brochures and advertisements present in paper form or on a network.

The supply and demand contingent, in relation to the purchasing power of citizens, considerably affect the real estate market and real estate values, parallel to the increase in the interest rate on loans and the granting of the same. Requests for application and offer may be different too much, by virtue of the city and the area where the property is located to sell.