If you are a customer business Telecom Italy with VAT , but you want to downgrade your phone line without turning it into residential VAT number, you will need to bring their own application forms and follow some simple instructions to get this kind of variation. For this type of practice is the timing of two months, but frequently urging you can also get it in a month. Below we will explain what to do.

The key thing is to close the VAT number , because the downgrading of the line may result in a possible control by the Chamber of Commerce of expertise, in addition to the responsibility of having to sign a self-certification. Get in touch by phone toll contracts for Italy Telecom business , 191 and follow the voice, to speak with an operator.


The forms consist of fifteen sheets which then will be returned duly filled in and signed by each party. The alternative is to download everything you need directly from the telecom Italy. To this end, we show a direct link to the page provides detailed instructions and you can download everything you need.

In the event that you have signed the contract for other types of phone calls and broadband with telephone operators other than Telecom Italy , it will be necessary to send a registered letter with return receipt to also manage alternative , communicating the change and / or asking the possible closure the services stipulated in the contract. When the conversion is completed, you can again choose an alternative operator Telecom, with the advantage of being able to take advantage of rates and services to the residential costs.

The same message will be sent to the alternative operator, will be sent for information to the number of green fax Telecom Italian 800.000191, together with the application forms. You will also need a copy of an identity document of the applicant, tax code and the authorization to process the data. After completing the paperwork, you should wait a couple of days, contact 191 and you confirm receipt. After another 15-20 days from dispatch of the documents, please contact the toll free number again and begin to solicit and ask for information, in order to speed up the transformation. If you know how to be “pressing” the right way, you can resolve the problem in about a month.