If we are going to open a business should first make a market survey . This means examining how a specific area of population reacts to a certain type of product, what are your needs in this regard and how it behaves competition: in other words, whether the product or service you want to launch is likely to work or not. We analyze what are the steps to take to have all the answers that we need in order to assess the potential success of our business .

Let’s start off with the goal of spending as little as possible, taking advantage of the cheaper sources available, in other words internet . Going into the appropriate sites will do our analysis in a short time and at minimal cost. To assess the potential and risks of the market , the first to do is to demographic analysis, the area we are interested in is to be known thoroughly with regard to population, income, average age and standard of living.


Another way to evaluate the competitors is to see if and how they are present in the network, the budget invest in marketing and how you publicize If they are very visible, it is clear that business is going well, otherwise they will have some problem because it is assumed that advertising is the soul of commerce. With the list under the eyes do a search by entering the name of the motor companies: are there? How are positioned? The site is beautiful? Today, the marketing is almost everything online, so this is a crucial step and revealing, of course in proportion to the area that is analyzed.

Last analysis, that of the territory. Go to the area with a map of all the competitors and inspect the premises in which they operate: size, image, furniture, etc. Customers movement. If you can control the number of receipts at the end of the day , if it is a bar, for example, come in and take a coffee: there is the serial number on the receipt that will reveal the number of customers who have entered throughout the day .