The closure of a business must be accompanied by a specific final state, financial and structural, in strict compliance with the statutes of the company itself and regulations governing its general nature. When it was created and during its period of activity, a company is a legal form as a limited liability company or limited liability company, the public company or SA, the sole proprietorship or limited liability EURL and sole proprietorship or EI.


The causes of dissolution of a company may be legal or conventional. In the first case, they are usually the result of some articles of the Civil Code, while in the second, they are provided by the statutes or decisions of the bodies due to the nature of society. But in all configurations of closing, and regardless of the nature of the business, appropriate measures should be taken in the form of two successive general operational phases. However, special measures should be considered for companies or individual enterprises, so that the closure of accounts is done in a lawful.

The two main phases of the dissolution of the company

Whatever the nature of the business, the first step is to compile a report to dissolve it. In the case of EURL and EI is the only entrepreneur who decides, as the special meeting of the partners, which sets the decision for other forms of enterprise. A procedure involving several sub-steps must follow in all cases, namely the registration of the decision to the tax office, publication in a journal of legal notices, and his testimony in the court of Commerce headquarters, for a registration for radiation in the trade register. This first phase will be executed in the months following the date of the minutes of dissolution. The second step is the regularization of the accounts of the company, for a maximum of three years, to establish the balance sheet and the final results. All these parts must be accompanied by minutes of completion of liquidation, endorsed by the group members or by the contractor only, and certified by a registered liquidator.

The fence can be effective only after the clearance of accounts and full payment of any debts of the company. Specifically, Mali or liquidation will be divided among the partners in proportion to their shares in the capital of the company. As for the declaration of dissolution, the same administrative process of registration and publication of the parts above mentioned, except for the newspaper accounts, finalize the final closing of the company.

The documents required and obtaining at the various operational phases

Relation to the decision of dissolution, ten copies of the minutes thereof, other than the original kept by the company, will be available in the legalization from a town hall. In general, seven models are required by the Internal Revenue Service tax in exchange for a receipt of registration. Two copies must be provided at the Registry of the Commercial Court for the granting of a deposit slip number. The final copy will be used for publication of the notice of dissolution in a legal gazette. For the close of liquidation, the final state accounts and regularized, and the minutes of liquidation approved by the liquidator are to be filed with the tax office and the court office.

Specific measures for the final closing of an individual company

Termination of activity of a sole proprietorship is made effective, by making three statements with the relevant authorities. The first is made to the center of corporate formalities within one month, for the cancellation of the company in the trade register, the register of businesses, or other institutional affiliation as appropriate . Then, within 60 days, the individual entrepreneur to the tax office will send a statement of revenues and profits in the last year or period of activity, and a summary of the income statement. This helps to make immediate taxation of profits at closing. A final declaration of cessation of activity should be addressed to the social organism affiliate of the company, within appreciable. In principle, the Centre for Business Formalities is responsible to forward the request for cancellation.