A company is an organization of people scheduled for the exercise in association of a business activity. The types of existing companies are different and vary according to the purpose or which are proposed in order to achieve or activity undertaken. Let’s see, in particular, what is the simple society and how it can dissolve once it has started.

The simple partnership is the simplest type of existing society. It can not be intended exercise of a commercial activity and may concern only of economic activities lucrative non-commercial purposes. With the latter you want to understand the agricultural activities , the activities of property management or communions family. The partnerships can be administered by a director appointed to this purpose or each member can do this by applying the administration disjunctive.


Whatever the reason, if you decide to dissolve a partnership there must be all the conditions of the case making it possible to do so. If the term of duration of the social contract is finished, if all members agree on the dissolution, if the object of the contract is reached or can no longer be achieved or if there is more participation of the majority of shareholders, the company simple it can be dissolved. In addition to these conditions, there may be other planned and prepared by the same shareholders directly in the social contract.

In the face of one or more conditions of dissolution, the company is not dissolved immediately. After initiating the procedure, it will enter a stage of liquidation. This will eventually pay off all debts and contracts to distribute the surplus among the members. As soon as the settlement period, the company is finally dissolved and will be canceled.

In summary, the process of dissolution usually provides for the settlement adopted by a meeting at which the shareholders decide the dissolution of the company. Are appointed liquidators or an administrator can fix the bureaucracy and the business side of the company. Only later, once all these steps, the company simply has melted completely. The process is very slim because it is an elementary type of company that does not involve large and complex sectors.