The human resources are the priceless heritage of all companies of any size, from a family-owned multinationals. Some studies in the U.S. show that the use of personal demotivated and undervalued can cost a company 30% of earnings in the course of a year, if properly format can be up to 230% more productive than a workforce that does not participates in refresher courses. So here is some good advice on how to develop human resources.

The values ​​on which to base a policy proper and successful management of the HR (human resources) are: respect, equal treatment, development of capacity individual, teamwork, continuous learning and open communication. Strategic management of human resources is achieved by involving and empowering people, entrusting them with well-defined objectives, in order to improve performance and productivity. This implies being able to schedule their activities, both at the individual and group (team or team), so as to enable the company to achieve their goals through the use of mutually beneficial capacity of each.


From the selection of personnel , its training, reward by means of rewards, benefits, incentives, each phase must be based on keeping the attention focused on what the company wants to achieve. The use of human resources so you can develop an organizational culture that brings innovation and flexibility, basic features to tackle even globalization. Respect and cooperation are absolutely essential values ​​and also its view of the global market economy that involves more responsibility vast, complex and profound dialogue with cultures, rules and traditions of countries other than our own, with which every staff must operate and cooperate.

To find the right balance in the strategic management of human resources is necessary to identify and analyze two types of opposing forces: the opportunities (and challenges) outside the company on the one hand and its internal strengths and weaknesses on the other. Once you have determined that discriminating, because the management of a staff give results, you should develop a strategy that knows how to balance stability and change: no business can in fact refrain from the evolution, both in response to the needs within the company, as those of the market . A group of efficient work must be able to anticipate the times, identify and remove any barriers that could prevent improvements and respond appropriately to the challenges that would face. The stability of the workforce is as essential as the regularity of supply of raw materials, even more for businesses that operate in the service sector, where the human resource is the main element of profit.

The problems caused by and among workers, such as staff shortages, labor tensions, management difficulties, they can very negatively affect any business and to retain their staff must first be able to hire professionals at all levels, from production, administration, sales . Once formed a team of quality, you have to put into practice strategies to ensure active involvement, through preferential channels (such as weekly meetings of the group and intranets), enabling the submission of forms in fast and effective at all levels. This so that we can locate and fix, within a tight deadline, the problems and shortcomings. However, this is a winning strategy also motivational purposes, as taking the time to speak and understand their staff, boost to the suggestions and opinions means being open to inputs from within and learn to interpret the feedback.