On the day today, often in their own working environment to have colleagues jealous and envious of others. This can be many times embarrassing and stressful . Always feel about themselves, the eyes of others is certainly not easy. In this guide, it will try to advise you on how to behave when your colleague is jealous of you.

Let’s start first by saying that at work are all important and no one should feel less than others. Often, however, precisely this problem happens, these jealousies that often you do not find solution. Probably one of the easiest ways and most common, as we all know, is the neglect and then the “caring” of the wrong attitudes of their partners and associates . The fellow behind you speak? Let them do it! Sooner or later you get tired.


Often inappropriate jokes or phrases , may cause discomfort and damage to their work and relationship with themselves. To point out their superiority , giving it importance is certainly not helpful. For this reason, it should always be yourself: friendly and smiling, in such a way as to make them understand that the hostility and jealousy are certainly not helpful in a job, where they often face touching or even better work together on projects. This leads often to leave their job, from the moment these jealousies and envies become much thinking and without any solution.

A word of advice, however, very important, is to always remember never to, their game. A colleague insults you? Let him do it. I do not follow his example, indeed. Try to have a clarification on this, taking him aside and telling us about. Confronted Maybe you could arrive at a solution. Remember also, that in these cases, it is always the profit of their work to go there in the middle. The thousand thoughts or stress will fall and lose out on this, it will only and exclusively what you love to do most. Moreover, envy, could lead to a challenge with yourself, then try to improve and achieve what your colleague has on more than you .

Finally, in extreme evil, desperate measures . Your co-worker continues to bother you, making you even more unpleasant work and challenging? Try to talk to your boss. Explain the situation. Certainly introduce these in envy, a third person , it is not easy nor nice, but maybe it can help. Try not harmful.