You have decided to create a non-profit association but do not know how to do? Then you will want to read the following, as we will explain how to set up an association of this kind. First of all, please note that for non-profit association means a group of at least three people united by a common interest, which is not of an economic nature. In order to give life to such an association must perform a series of tasks , which I now give you account.

The first step that those who decide to set up a nonprofit must take is to draw up a statute. This statute should make clear what is the purpose of the association, to be considered nonprofit must not have any profit. In addition to the articles of association must be drawn ‘s articles of incorporation. Although normally these two documents are autonomous and thus prepared separately, they can also be prepared in a single document.


Members can choose to go to a notary, for making the constitution through a public act, but also privately to draft documents on plain paper. The important thing is that then memorandum and articles of association to be registered with the local tax office. It important to establish the legal form that you want to give to their association, discrete non-profit organization, foundation or committee. Under this option you can enjoy certain benefits or not.

E ‘then need to open the tax code of the association, as well as make the registration at the Regional Register, which allows you to become part of certain books or associations. One aspect that should not be overlooked is inherent in the financial statements to be drawn up. fact must know that in order to be deemed eligible by the Ministry, organizations must submit their financial statements for the last three years. Finally, you have to keep in mind that the non-profit association must provide an annual report.