Electronic commerce, or the sale of goods or services through the Internet, knows no crisis; indeed, year after year, significant increases in volumes and revenues. For this reason it is widely recommended to open as soon as a showcase of e-commerce, if you own an asset or a shop. The process is not difficult and the reach of even non-expert users of new technologies, although to get great results and stand out from the crowd, especially to get more visibility than the competition, it is certainly advisable to contact a programmer or a web agency. If initially, however, we want to try to enter the world of e-commerce on their own and then assess next steps, we can safely do so quickly and without expense. Let’s see how to create an e-commerce store online.


If you already have a website of their own company, game force has hired a web space on which to place the site itself. In this case, the best advice is to contact your hosting provider and ask if you have any solutions for e-commerce ready enough to be used in the same web space. Very often these solutions are installed with just one click from the control panel of the web space then, of course, you have to proceed to customize their own web display, setting products and their description, prices, any discounts and so on. Many hosting providers offer software as a famous Zen Cart, osCommerce, CubeCart.

Obviously These software can be downloaded independently from the websites of the respective manufacturers and then installed in your web space, but this requires a certain expertise. If you are totally ignorant of these things, you can take advantage of many services online that allow you to open a window of e-commerce in a simple way, without having to be able to install or configure software.

Not to be overlooked is the ability to sell products and services directly within its pages on social networks! For example, if we have a lot of “fans” or “friends” on Facebook, we can create an online storefront right in the page of our store or our company on the “book of faces”, in this way, not only can we now turn to an audience really endless and can be reached in a much easier than publicizing our site in other ways, but we can offer to potential buyers a browsing experience they are already familiar and therefore undesirable because it all takes place within the social network without ever leave to go to another site. This result, enormous commercial potential, you can get in really simple way, turning to online services similar to those described above. For Facebook, for example, the most famous are undoubtedly Payment and the very Italian Blooming . These platforms allow you to create windows of e-commerce on Facebook with simplified wizards, allowing you to choose parameters such as payment systems and delivery of goods. Obviously they are not free services, but provide or the payment of a monthly fee, or a percentage of the sales (which also allows you to not invest big bucks initially, but pay only if you manage to make sales).