Here’s how to create a personal marketing plan. A successful strategy comes from a good plan and the ability to deliver in a timely manner the necessary changes . The business conditions can change quickly because markets evolve, new technologies develop rapidly, as well as the target of reference customers .

Rate if you have a marketable product. If yes, has something unique? You know exactly who your customer reference? Are you sure that the product will meet their desires and needs? Remember that a marketing plan should establish a clear and specific strategy , including the availability of a budget assigned a priori, and a date on which follow. The hours used for its processing will prevent significant losses of time and money.

Collect background data, including financial reports and sales on products and complete lists of current markets sector, as well as information on customers and their competitors. This is achieved by administering questionnaires and surveys to your users. You can go online, by phone or through interviews in public meeting places. Define your overall goals as fully as possible. Fixed concrete and measurable quality standards, obtaining their approval by the leaders before making a brainstorming specific tactics . Set a financial budget. Uses only the money necessary , such as investments that help expand the network of customers. The big companies should compare the projected spending with industry averages to estimate the exact percentage of sales.


Determine which activities should be outsourced, such as Web site design and direct mailing campaigns Create graphs and charts to illustrate important segments of the plan. Finish the job with a guideline of evaluation that includes times for the achievement of specific objectives, including annovererei new customers identified, orders and cost controls achieved underlines what should be achieved within a year, but implements parameters reference in the short term to monitor the results Establish a program of meetings to assess progress conclusive Write executive overview, summarizing the main points of the program with bullet points and short sentences.