Our individuality in the field of social investment can exert through the establishment of businesses in the corporate form. To start a business, we need to respect certain procedures. In this guide, we illustrate the steps that you must follow in order to be legally a corporation. First, you must choose the type of corporations that want to set up: corporations, limited liability companies, companies limited by shares. The basic rules are the joint stock company, but the most common is the market Srl: I’ll tell you this, but you can apply it to other types.

First, choose if you want to compose your most Ltd. shareholders or the sole shareholder (you). Find a location where you can physically set up your company. With your partner, went to a notary and presentation rules that will make the company statutes, declaring to the place where you want to establish it (presenting the documents relating to the possession of the place ‘physical’ seat). Move on to a bank, where pour, if the company is composed of several members, at least 25% of the minimum capital (25% of € 10,000), but if your partner will have the sole srl yourself , pour it all to the bank € 10,000.


Now, without the preliminary steps, you will be called by the notary to present the documents relating to that payment. After that, at the same notary draw up the actual memorandum consists of declaration of the type of company you choose, name, composition of the company, list of members, the activities of the company: that is, you will have to declare to the notary, what is the purpose and the object of the company, paid up share capital (minimum is € 10,000), and finally, the listing of any governing bodies.

Without this, you have to wait, by a notary public, meanwhile, will have completed the normal control of legitimacy, the registration of your new company with the Registrar of Companies where it has its registered your srl. Once this is done, you can start the social activity, not to mention that you can give to your srl part of your funds (such as, A property). After that, advertise the entrance of the new srl in the world of business for profit, in the way that you feel is most appropriate.