In this guide we will see how close the account. Today, the procedure is much simpler than in years past, accomplice even technology. Moreover, thanks to the Decree, this operation does not involve any cost, but if it happens to a month in the quarter , provides coverage of the fee and the tax stamp. The account holder is absolutely free to close it at any time and without obligation to give any explanation about.

Close the current account is now common practice, partly because banks and their offers are always competitive. Behind your specific question, the credit institution in which you have decided to open the new account , will send the request to close the old bank . You simply have to fill in reprinted forms with your personal details and the details of c. C.


If you want to do this without necessarily open an alternative account, the procedure is different. We must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of return to the bank where the account is active. First check that there are in course of banking transactions or transitions. In this case, the letter will ship only after their completion or fulfillment. Once you have received the answer, go to the door and handed ATM, check book, credit cards or any other payment device associated with the account itself. This also applies to the accounts title.

The method indicated above is effective, but requires a bit ‘of time (usually 1 month). If you want to speed up the issue, go directly to the bank, handed the payment methods provided with the opening of the account and send us the request to its final closure. confirmed its actual inactivity, you can decide whether to withdraw the money (you choose this option only if it is a minimal sum) or transfer it to the new account. Remember to leave 100 euros, which will be used to cover expenses relating to stamp duty and fees. As mentioned before, this is free of charge. However, you must pay a small amount for the rent and for the tax stamp. Specifically, if the demand was made ​​at a closing p month of the quarter must immediately recognize the Institute of Credit one-third of these items.