Italian law provides some relief to parts of the population in need. One of these advantages is the exemption from the ticket, which covers both the purchase of medicines that specialist medical examinations and tests for a fee. But let’s see who is entitled to this facility and how it can be requested.

There are two essential features required by Italian law to take advantage of the ‘ exemption from the ticket : the age and income . With regard to the first requirement, can take advantage of the exemption from the ticket children under the age of six years and people over the age of 65 years. The second necessary condition is income. To be eligible for this important facility for all citizens unemployed and those who have a low income. Then they are entitled to those who receive the minimum pension or a social pension.


If you are in possession of all the requirements of the law, the first step in order to obtain exemption from the ticket is to go to the local ASL, where you will have to request the appropriate form. Once in possession of the module, you need to fill it in part, by entering your personal data and specifying the reasons for which the exemption is requested. When the module will have been compiled must then be taken, in such a way that will be stamped. At this point the operator predisposed to this assignment will check that everything has been done in the right way. If everything is up to standard, then you can proceed and the operator will deliver to a document.

The document will be released is precisely what certify that you enjoy the facilitation. Of course, because the certificate is issued you will need to show your ID. When he finally will hold a certificate of exemption from the ticket, the party can present it as many times as you will need it, and in case you have to submit to a medical examination in the event that will buy some medicines.