In recent years the supply of banks in the field of loan products on the one hand has expanded the choice and adaptation to different user profiles , on the other hand the approach is made ​​more difficult by non-experts. Moreover, the recent difficulties that have reduced the financial liquidity available to the banking system make it increasingly difficult access to credit. What is not known is that the failure rate of a loan application increases if the practice is not set correctly. By this we mean an application that is not fair with the earnings potential of applicants and, therefore, does not guarantee that the bank a safe return of the sums paid. A consultant prepared and reliable can help. For our part, to choose the right mortgage will be fine but keep in mind a few important guidelines.

Age of applicants and work. The young age and the absence of a past credit (never having had a previous loan ), it certainly does not militate in favor. In these cases, better think of the possibility to provide a guarantor who can reassure about the actual solvency and avoid wasting time. With reference to the type of work done, the banks require that the potential customer is in possession of an employment contract in indefinitely because only in this way can be assured the regular repayment of the loan for the entire duration of the mortgage , which usually is not less than 20 years. In the event that there is an ongoing temporary contract or project, the banks do not take into consideration the request if not adequately supported by a further guarantee of a third party. The same applies if you are self-employed or entrepreneurs.


Presence of negative reports in the databases (CRIF or the Bank of Italy ). If you are certain that in recent times (in recent months) has been rejected a previous request for funding or you have forgotten to pay one or more installments of a credit report in progress, better to wait between 60 and 90 days because, even in the absence of other causes detrimental, the bank will almost certainly reject the new proposal. If individuals are concerned about their credit standing you can do a consultation in CRIF or go to the Bank of Italy.

Amount of the loan: useless and risky thinking of taking on a mortgage that goes far beyond the financial means of their own or their family The lenders set 35% the maximum percentage of your income that may be committed in the payment of installments funding of ongoing. Taking an example: if you have monthly income amounting to € 2,000.00, the total rate paid can not exceed € 700.00 So, if you pay Already an installment of € 200.00 for the purchase of the car, the new loan may not bring about a further outlay of more than € 500.00 On the net you can see many sites that provide the excel sheet for the calculation of rate .