Choosing the right logo should be done very carefully, because it is what you are and what you want to communicate. The key must be the recognition: anyone seeing the logo must understand what it refers to and at the same time convey a sense of trust, reliability and superiority over any competitors.

A good logo can not ignore the right choice of colors . You may decide to use one color key-related activity, or a combination of colors. The colors should be in harmony with each other or at least in contrast, but never in dissonance as this may create a confusing too. Another important element is the choice of the background: the neutral color par excellence is the gray, used especially if the logo has different colors. Other options can be the straw-color, in shades of yellow and red and saturation close to gray or pastel colors. Finally, it must be taken into account for the final result, the value of the optical colored mass: in the same size, the masses have a clear effect of expansion, while the dark reduction. The choices are always made ​​on the basis of the final objective.


Another element often present in a logo is the text to indicate the name of the company, profession, or their name. The basic distinction is between the characters sticks and those with thanks. The first are those clean, sharp and give the text a sense of modernity and professionalism; others, however, are those traditional, processed and rounded mainly used for classical and formal occasions. You should always use a single character and do not mix. Choosing the right font must be done according to the destination and taste. In any case, should be guaranteed in the recognition and readability .

To have a unique logo must, then, necessarily make reference to lettering : the technique by which the content of a word is associated with the graphic language. You may think, for example, the stylization of your initials or company name to create a graphical link with the work done. Of course, the call must be clear and recognizable : an architect can take as a reference a skyline or an element of interior design, and so on. At this point, knowing all the basics, anyone armed with good will and a basic understanding of a graphics program can make yourself your logo.