Usually, you require a loan in the event that it intends to make a purchase rather expensive , such as that of a car. In this case, retailers may provide or as little information about the financing : the case of a transaction that takes place between buyer and seller, but that requires the involvement of a financial company . The customer can make free use of its purchase and pay only a small share of the provisions, and the rest of the money is advanced by the finance company, which then requires the buyer a refund in installments with due interest. Therefore, it is thanks to this company if you can enjoy right from the start of the purchased paying little by little. Sometimes, however, it is essential to rescind a loan agreement : with this guide, we will discover together if indeed there are all prerequisites to be able to cancel.


The most common case is without a doubt one of the scam by the seller , who, for example, does not deliver the goods purchased: cancel the loan agreement is possible only if between the finance company and the seller is an exclusive, which seems rather unlikely. The Court of Justice , however, has pointed out in an EU directive the need to protect the customer making a purchase through financing: the Court ruled that if the property is not regularly delivered, the consumer may terminate the loan at any time and require Consequently, the compensation of the amount paid to the finance company.

Before proceeding with any legal action against the finance company, it is nevertheless appropriate to have some tricks. First, you must send a letter of formal notice to the trader to fulfill in which you require the delivery of the agreed no later than fifteen days. If the seller were to pretend nothing has happened, we must absolutely send a second letter, this time of formal notice to the debtor. Both letters must be written under the supervision of a lawyer and sent to both the seller and the finance company.

Once you have sent the letters, you can groped an agreement with the finance company to suspend the payment of installments, waiting for the retailer decides to comply with the agreements, in the case where the trader was opposed, it is advisable to send a third letter for termination of the contract, indicating how due to the non-compliance of the supplier. In the final analysis, if ever the financial refuses each of the above requirements, then it will be necessary to sue the company, asking again the resolution of the loan and the repayment of money paid up to that point. It is recommended that, in any case, the constant advice of a lawyer.