The survivor’s pension is a pension benefit that belongs to the family of the deceased . There are two types of survivor’s pension, direct and indirect. The survivor’s pension is direct it to the family of the person who in life was already a pensioner , while the board of reversibility of indirect responsibility to the family of the person who in life was not already a pensioner but he had already had the requirements to access the board. So this type of pension may be required if the deceased were granted in respect of a pension already (retirement pension or disability ), if the deceased at the time of death had paid at least 15 years of contributions, or if the deceased had paid at least 5 years of contributions ( including 3 in the last 5 years). Below we listed who gets in and starts calculating this type of pension plan.


The persons entitled to this form of security are: the spouse (also separated by mutual consent or by direct debit, provided that the person concerned was granted alimony, or divorced and not remarried as long as the holder of the maintenance paid to him by the former spouse) the children (if they are minors, students at the expense of missing parent that do not work and do not have more than 21 years and unable to work for any age), children born after the death of the parent (born within 35 days after death), the grandchildren (the children are treated and therefore entitled to survivor’s benefits if they are not financially self-sufficient and total load of the deceased ), and siblings (if there is no spouse, children, parents or grandchildren who are eligible, are unmarried or unmarried, shall be borne by the person’s disappearance or unable to work).

In order to obtain the survivor’s pension, you must fill out the application for a pension. In order to complete the application must go to a Social Security office, or to a Patronage complete the application via the website INPS, in the forms section. Documents to be enclosed with the application: death certificate, family status at the date of death, the income tax return and payment methods. In the event that the application is filed by separated or divorced spouse must be attached to the judgment of separation or divorce in the case is presented to children attending the school is required to submit a certificate of attendance, also in the case is filed by disabled children , siblings or parents who are entitled to economic reasons, must be attached to the tax return to verify the requirements.