Calculate a failure is a very complex task that is exploited to establish the reliability or unreliability of a soil. This calculation is very complex and needs to be looked at with great care to donate to the construction stability and durability over time. This guide will give you all the steps required to calculate the subsidence of land.

First of all, to make the Colo of a failure , it is important to make a clear distinction between a sudden failure and one of consolidation since they may be used up very quickly. To perform these calculations, there are two different methods, the Skeleton method and the method Bjerrum . Preferably, in the practice, however, we prefer to use the method radiometric and other methods that have the same structure refers. To perform the calculation of the failure it is important to take undisturbed samples to determine the parameters, if any deformity of the land “by performing tests in a laboratory, “working with the on-site tests.


The results obtained from these tests must then be correlated with the parameter “fixed”, showing the deformity of the ground . The correlations, however, can be considered empirical. Alternatively, it is also possible to build the empirical formulas which, again from the analyzes carried out on site, can demonstrate directly the values ​​of land subsidence. In general you should always refer to certain types of tests carried out in sit in the ground. They can be of various kinds, the load tests on the plate, the standard or dynamic penetration tests “which are usually preferred by scholars.”

To take advantage of the results that are obtained from the tests carried out for the detection of failures you can use the theory of elasticity . W = 1. Using the method that corresponds to the theories of Skempton and Bjerrum you can take advantage of the R data where the radius of the plate. From the point of failure can be derived W the modulus of elasticity “that is named with the letter E” based on the portion derived. Thus using the data obtained from the analysis mentioned above may be obtained parameters that allow extremely precise, the scholars of the sector, to examine properly the ground and run solid structures and safe.