The purchases were trying to get the best price, but in economic crisis buy cheap, bargains, becomes a necessity.

One consequence of this unending economic crisis we are experiencing is the fall in consumption. In many cases because the unemployed can hardly do more essential expenditures. But even among those who keep their jobs, uncertainty about what might happen in the future leads to lower costs or seek in any case the lowest prices. On the other hand traders need to sell, even reducing their profit margin. In fact it has generated a trend business in which you compete with prices down. This allows consumers to find real bargains and get products and services at prices unimaginable just a few years. In order to facilitate the search for these true bargains, is then collected an attractive showcase classified main offers.


How to eat cheap

No doubt the first need is food anyone, and although it is cheaper to eat at home, there are bars in Madrid for the price of a beer can offer succulent tapas perfectly replace a meal. Specifically “The Tiger” bar on the street Infantas, provides for two euros worth the cane tops from potatoes bravas, croquetas and luncheon meats. Another example is the bar “Friends” Ezequiel Solana on the street, where for € 1.90 you can have a beer and tapas, including patatas bravas, fried sausage, cheese and fish sticks. On the other hand and for the more savvy, a page site whose name is not in doubt, “eating for the pin,” reports on openings that include tastings open to the public and food fairs where you can taste authentic free delicatessen.

Save on buying clothes

Find bargains and bargains, especially in these days when everything invade rebates, Does not require much information, but buy clothing cheap in any season with a commercial formula at least original, is another issue. The store “Open Sesame” in Calle Madrid Novitiate original uses a barter system by which to deliver all types of clothing and objects, you receive points redeemable for a wide range of clothing from other users of this system. The clothes are in perfect condition and is an inexpensive way to renew the dressing room.

Another formula that allows to achieve a substantial saving is to rent instead of buy. The situation is clearer wedding dress. This garment normally has a single use, its price is high, you can rent and thus reduce spending an important chapter in the celebration of a marriage bond. Innovia Shop rents wedding dresses for prices ranging between 250 and 500 euros and include the arrangement to suit the measurements of the bride.

Cheap car maintenance savings

With the advent of the crisis has increased the sale of cars, while lowering that of new vehicles. Who decides to buy your first car or replace the current web page Autoscout24 offers a wide range of cars at very affordable prices. For the most demanding Auto Maser dealer luxury car has a substantially discounted price.

If buying a car is an important part of cost, maintenance is not far behind. The entry of a car in the shop always generates an invoice for an amount higher. The handyman, and even those who need help, you can rent fully equipped boxes where you can perform any service or repairs to a car. If you need assistance the company provides advice in mechanical work to be done. Such services can be found at Clever Car Repair you have facilities Industrial Estate in Santa Rosa.

Free and cheap hairdresser Film

Finally, the cheapest yet. If we do not mind watching movies released for some time, but of undoubted quality, the Film Academy offers the opportunity to watch free classic Spanish films. You only have to look at the billboard and go three quarters of an hour before the start of the projection. Hairdressers, especially women, are a major expense. Well XXI Century Academy located on Railroad Street has an attractive offer: the students and the teacher comb retouch and by day of week and type of haircut, it can be done for just 2.90 euros. No doubt a considerable savings over normal costs of any salon.