The choice of ceramic tiles for your home, apparently it may seem easy and fun, but it must be done with careful attention to avoid being under the foot a product is not pleasant for many long years. My guide will be a small tool that will allow you to carefully consider the various proposals of your local tiles.

First, do not wait until the last moment, try to move at least 3 months in advance of the estimated date for the installation, be aware that new products have very long lead times, manufacturing companies are manufacturing programs where there is a risk that the type you have chosen will be produced not earlier than 3 months and you’ll have to choose another! However, if you settle the availability of products is so wide that you will surely find an alternative to another dealer in your area. Before turning to a closer look at the various types, a few words about the choice of the seller, in this case the rule of “small is beautiful” is not the earthen into consideration: look for one with a showroom large, modern, ordered, must be updated with the products, certainly will have a turnover that allows a wide range of products at competitive prices. if you want more information please stay with us.


I personally do not like the showrooms disordered, small and where to save held the lights off (the lighting is very important, choose a tile is like choosing a dress, you see!), It may happen that to find the product the inexperienced seller must ask in the warehouse guy, and then he does not know anything and eventually ask the grandmother who was looking for an hour on his rocking chair. In this case ask to go out with the excuse of having to move the time of the meter and disappeared faster than light.